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Have a bike / part to sell?

Our email is---lewisportusa@gmail.com

We have a $50 charge that is made first (credit card ) and we will advertise your
bike with pictures and description until you sell it and/or advise us to take it off.
Send us an email with info and photos.

(Boots, tools, clothing, etc.)   We will run a text-only ad for free.

You have to 'renew' the ad every month, or we'll assume you sold the thing and take it off.
This keeps us from listing things that have already been sold. Each ad has a 'posted' date listed.
A quick email will do it.

Please be aware listing an email may cause some SPAM
You also may receive offers that are too good to be true. They are. Beware!





OSSA-280--2014--$5500--Clean tidy bike, ready to compete.

Dwayne Elrod----dwayne@elrodmachine.com---Cell;928.853.9031---Flagstaff , AZ




Contact-Steve@thumbsuptrials supply UT

thumbsuptrials@yahoo.com .......Tel:801.376.2447