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2017 GAS GAS 300GP-AsNew--$7200.00---916.531.1990--{RAY}



2017 VERTIGO COMBAT CAMO 300--above average condition -- ready to trial, very clean --very nice example of this much high end fuel injected trials machiine.--$6950 --contact lewisportusa--call/text;505.280.8022---shop, 209.785.6878




2017 250 VERTIGO "ICE HELL"...Fuel injected, no more jetting!---truely a enginering masterpiece in trials technology, EXCELLENT condition, Batteryless kit fitted, 2018 kick starter,2018 spec linkage upgrade.

$7400, Dave Black- 316-644-7774

mechanically sound --ready for competiion.


PRICE REDUCTION 12/10/18--$6750



2017 Vertigo Camo 250.  Under 80 hours.  Excellent condition, well maintained.  Great trials bike.  Don’t have time to ride, so selling.   Over $10,000 new.  $6,950 OBO