Some photos of our friends and valued customers!

Bengt Carlsson and a couple buddies with 2 Triumph Tiger Cub 200's and a BSA B40.  Bengt's site.

From Bengt Carlsson in Sweden.
"Who says it's not fun to ride a bike!?"

Brandon Grantham showing how they do it in Colorado

A young 'un in Sweden on his OSET.  Check out Dad Bengt's photo site!

Bob Doyle, winning his class at Lime Rock, in his Ferrari 360 Challenge
Uno   Due   Tre

Just a nice Christmas-y picture

Davy Fair, Canadian Gas Gas importer, playing in the snow
with some buddies    1   2   3   4

Mandy and Shawna Land

Adam Raga playing at the TN World Round, '08

Kevin Schwantz tries out a trials bike.    Who's that guy he's riding with??!!?

Dustin and Dalton Land, and a new OSET !  Little guy  Little guy  Big guy

Craig and Scott makin' 'er go faster....

Is Raga changing rides?

Dougie getting serious at Duluth, '05

Does he know what he's doing?

Ried Davies at Springville

The Lewis's with Sam Haslam and Alexz Wigg

Michael Wenger at McCain Valley

Mandy getting dirty

Raga stylin'

Mandy and.... aren't those some local novices?

Mandy, determined!


This person will remain nameless for obvious reasons!

Adrian -- He almost looks like he knows what he's doing!

They sure set hard sections ! Derick Beaver rides one.

Colton Haaker

Our good friend Chip from New Mexico.

Lift off!

Oops !! This rider will remain anonymous, for fear of repisals !

The waterfall....( 1  and  2 )  Know names or the location? email me!

Charlie Webster.... Paradise !!

Thor Kristinsson.... from Iceland! I'd want a rope too.....

Sonora Dan's Dunk (5 photos of a guy & his bike)

Sierra Slickrock... great riding! One Two

The slickrock riding crew

Adrian on the rocks....

....and Eric Cagliaro

Mandy.... what's wrong with this thumb?

John Pumphrey ...

... and Adrianna Cagliaro

Raga and the Gas Gas Gang in France

Raga in action in France

Raga in Portugal

A young PITS rider.... "BJ"

Another BJ photo

Another happy guy... Brad Weil of Chico and his 4RT... thanks, Brad!

John "Raga Move" Pumphrey


Gary MacDonald, a fine young fellow whom we sponsored when we were in the UK. (He now rides for Beta UK.)
Photos at this year's Scott Trial ( one, two )

So THIS is what our customers get up to in their spare time??!!
It's best his name remains anonymous... but we know who you are, don't we John..... oops! Happy Halloween!

John Pumphrey

Rick Latorie

Shaun Morris

What Mandy's brother is into over in the UK!

That's a log! ... Adrian

Mandy on the log

John Towner, at Carnegie

Mike Weber, also at Carnegie

Drew Towner in a spot of bother!

Mandy learning air logs

Mandy again

Mad Max

Mandy on the Duke

John Pumphrey

Long way down... Adrian at Las Vegas

Niel Needham at Las Vegas

Adrian at Las Vegas

Ma and Pa...

Pip Hancox at Reed Valley

Life's tough! Mandy and Mo

Cody Webb