Welcome to our 'Graphics' page!  

LewisportUSA can provide you with both CUSTOM graphics and stickers and graphics kits.

We can make large-scale graphics for your car, truck, or trailer as well as banners and signs of all types.

Whatever graphics you need, give us a call !

Check out LewisportSignDezign.com !









S3 full sticker kits for all models in all colors available from $125









S3 Rim Graphics

In stock, various colors

Gas Gas Airbox Graphics

For 2011 on, can be customized to suit!


ossa graphics

Some graphics we've done for the new OSSA...


Rothmans Honda Sticker Set

Great for restorations.

Number Plates
Scroll waaaay down for more examples of number plates!

Here's one example.... send us YOUR info, and we can make one up!

Rim Stickers

Made by LewisportUSA!

These stickers attach to the outside edge of the rim and protect and enhance the rim.   $20 a set.   We can also do you a personalized set with name/logo to your spec!    The kit     On the bike

Pure Custom!

Photos of custom graphics created for our sponsored rider Dustin Land

Bike rear   Bike front   Top   Rear fender   "Seat"   Tank

OSET graphics too!

Personalized to suit your rider

Marzocchi Fork graphics


Beta EVO Airbox Sticker
Beta Sticker Sets

Montesa Sticker Set

30 stickers

More Montesa/HRC graphics

HRC Logo

On a clear background, 3.5 x 1.25 inches.
$4.00 each

Gas Gas Sticker Set


Gas Gas Rear Fender

08-09, Personalized graphics available.
Full set to follow soon!


Gas Gas Tank Stickers

From $20.00

Front Fender Union Jack


Front Fender Stars 'N Stripes


4RT Rear Fender

Tip sticker

Lewisportrial Frame Stickers

$5.00 per pair

Skid Plate Graphics

You've probably seen our bash plate graphics on the home page.

These can be customized as you like!

They're printed then covered in a tough laminate to protect the sticker, made slightly oversize to accommodate all the different brands / shapes of bash plates out there.   $29.95

Graphics Kits for Gas Gas, made to suit!

Call for prices and options...
More photos


Repsol Stickers for the 4RT

Fender 1   Fender 2   Frame
Rear fender, price about $25.00
Frame, price coming soon.



Stickers of Every Sort

Factory graphics available for all years

Rear fender panels from $20.00
Please call for specifics.

Misc. sheets:
Montesa $19.95
Silkolene $6.95
Answer $14.80


West Coast Hoppers stickers.


More miscellaneous examples......