I have been working on a couple of hybrids when I have wanted a break from
all the other projects.

Attached are a few photos of the 315/4RT and the
315/Sherco 290.

The Sheronda has been well and truly put through its paces and ready to be
stripped down and tidied up to look respectable, this machine goes
exceptionally well and would be right up there with the best of them with a
few added advantages. The chassis is great with the Showa suspension and the
engine I have tweaked with high comp head and the 315 lengthened muffler and
standard centre exhaust, which really improves the overall performance.

The second project, the 315/4RT is still in the completion stages and goes
surprisingly well and there is still plenty more that can be done.

Again when we are satisfied I shall strip it right back and make it look
pretty time permitting.

Just thought you may be interested, and yes there is more work involved than
one may imagine.


Non Stop Adventures
New Zealand