We would like to thank one of our friends and customers, Jonathan Beck, for the following galleries. Jon's a professional photographer (and trials rider) and has been kind enough to share some great photos with us !

Jon's Site
Desert playday with Alexz and Sam
Trials gallery one
Trials gallery two
Vintage trials
The Adventure-Rider site with Trial de Espana photos
Another Adventure rider spread, riding down in Mexico.....
..... and yet another.

Jon is an independent media producer/engineer - a catch all phrase for web engineer, video producer, audio engineer, and photographer. In his words.....

" I grew up as a "boarder" (surfer/skateboarder/skimboarder/ snowboarder) but got into motorcycles when I saw some rides people had done on BMW 1150 GS Adventures. Finally got my first bike about three years ago - a KTM LC4 620. A couple years later I saw an ad for a trials bike - can't remember where, but the bike itself intrigued me. Went looking on Ebay and picked up a "new-old-stock" 1995 RTX 125. In looking around for trials info online I found out about a Geoff Aaron event happening in Utah and was planning on driving out there to take a class when someone steered me towards Adrian (regarding parts for the RTX). Adrian told me about Bill Markham's ITS school and a year ago September I took a class out there, just a couple weeks after picking up the RTX. There was an event happening after the class, so I entered the Novice division and won.

It got me hooked. I did two more novice events, bought a new '04 Gas Gas 280 Pro and moved up to Sportman. Finished out the season as a Sportsman and just moved up to Intermediate a couple events ago. "