Slippery fun in Victoria, 12/2/07    One    Two

Spy Photo! The new '07 Bultaco!

Raga.... his new ride?

A Great Way to Get It There !

Now THAT'S a crankshaft!

An OSSA Gripper... bought for a UK customer.... here for restoration.
Right Left

Nuffin' lak a wee bit o' muck!

I'm glad I'm me. How far down is it off that ledge?

It had to happen sooner or later!

Ever want one of these? How about with a 327 from a 'Vette?

Who pulled the plug?



Nice parking!

Good Vibrations

Isao Shibuya


A factory 4-stroke Honda... from the past.

And you think YOU had a bad day?

It's a good thing he didn't have a lightweight bike trailer, eh?

The Scottish Six days as it used to be... 1953

A real sweet conversion.... comfort was VERY important!

Had a dusting of snow last night!

The Duke on a glorious spring day

Does your filter look like this?

How about your carb?

Another carb....