A special Lewisport 4RT ...
Some of the features include:

Black anodized rims
Titanium linkage bolts
Titanium engine case bolts
Fat bar top triple tree
TAG bars
Mappable HRC ECU unit
V-mar linkage upgrade
Mitani 4rt complete clutch pack
Mitani clutch cover saver
Mitani muffler guard
Seal savers
V-mar front brake cable tie

Raptor set-back foot peg brackets
Raptor wide foot pegs
V-Mar 44 tooth rear sprocket
Jitsie bigger snail cams
Jitsie air cleaner
Mitani carbon fibre air box cover
Mitani carbon fibre coil cover
Mitani carbon fibre tank cover
Mitani titanium oversize header pipe
Mitani header pipe guard
Jitsie carbon fiber fork brace

Any combination possible!