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Replica Factory 2014: The past and the future, today

The 2014 Gas Gas Factory Replica will feature a graphic design that commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Spanish factory.
Halley was the first model sold by Gas Gas. This original theme is transferred to the 2014 Factory Replica models.

Gas Gas Motos announces the beginning of the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the creation of the brand with the entry into the market of the 2014 Replica Factory models with the image of the first Gas Gas to be produced in the Trial series: the Halley model
In 2015, Gas Gas Motos celebrates 30 years. Ahead of the commemoration of the anniversary, the brand from Salt, wants to honor three decades of dedication to off-road motorcycling, presenting a special version of the Replica Factory models: Gas Gas Replica Factory 30th anniversary.
The Spanish firm recreates the image of the first bikes that came out of their factory and applies this to the models which today represent the excellence of the range. These bikes are the result of extensive research and experience from the Gas Gas racing department, and as a result, are a product of the highest quality.

Gas Gas Replica Factory 30th Anniversary Trial and Enduro

The Replica Factory 30th anniversary, which will be produced in models of both Trial and Enduro, and maintaining a high level of quality components and with team Gas Gas racing tuning, are intended for competition, as it was with the first Halley, 30 years ago.
The 2014 Replica Factory units feature commemorative graphics that will be similar to the original Halley model, of great importance in the history of the brand, and remembering the first racing bike that left the factory, then located in the Girona suburb of Fornells de la Selva.
The models that make up this new 30th anniversary special edition will be available in the trial models: Gas Gas TXT Pro Replica Factory in displacements 250, 280 and 300cc, and in Enduro: Gas Gas EC Replica Factory in two-stroke displacements of 250 and 300cc.

Halley, the first champion

The mythical Gas Gas Halley was created in 1985, receiving the name of the famous comet that during that year and the next orbited around the Earth.
Gas Gas Halley 325 went down in the history of the brand, as it was the model that first achieved victory for Gas Gas in the World Championships. It happened in the Belgian town of Bilstain during the second round of the 1987 World Championship, at the hands of Gabino Renales. The Spanish rider won the first victory for the firm in the top Trial class by beating Diego Bosis and Jordi Tarrés, who would get his first title that same year.

TXT Pro Replica Factory, in the wake of the champion

There are several developments and advances presented in the range of TXT Pro Factory Replica 30th anniversary, in part related to the improvement of the engine performance, the fact that increasingly resembles the machine ridden by the number one rider for the brand, Adam Raga.
Highlighted by the new magneto cover, with a new design, and identical in the range of Enduro and Trial a new Spal radiator fan, that allows more space above the engine and provides increased cooling.
The electrical system has been completely renovated, simplifying and improving the connections. For ease of maintenance, the engine can be removed without dismantling the new Kokusan ignition. The TXT Pro Replica Factory also has the 'man overboard' safety device which disconnects the engine if the rider involuntarily falls-off the bike.
The kick-starter is a new design, after having studied the travel, and making changes to increase the grip of the boot. Included also are a non-rotating connection and easy removal of the pedal if necessary.
The new Tech brand aluminum front suspension has the settings that the Gas Gas racing department has been using in major competitions. This helps the rider to have better control of the front of the bike, and the new handlebar that has been developed by Adam Raga, is much more ergonomic. The clock/multifunction is also new, as well as grips by the firm Moting Parts, with a mold design and material that improves grip, even in extreme conditions.
On the opposite end of the cycle, the brake caliper is also changed and is a freestanding monoblock type. The chain is Regina and the sprocket adopts the mandatory FIM design and has a self-cleaning system.
Under the bike, the skid-plate has new hardware that facilitates the sliding of the bike as it passes over obstacles.
An identification plate on the frame records that this is a special limited edition. Each of the 750 units to be sold carries a serial number, which makes it more unique.
All this is complemented with special new graphics which give a 'retro' touch to a special bike that is the Gas Gas TXT Pro Replica Factory 30th anniversary.

In orbit with Gas Gas EC Replica Factory 30th anniversary

The Gas Gas Enduro reaches the highest levels of efficiency for racing bikes with the best quality and value. Moreover, the Replica Factory models incorporate a number of improvements that customers appreciate.
In the engine, the center-cases, clutch cover, cylinder-head and the water pump are modified from the previous model, and the exhaust from the prestigious firm FMF, has also been redesigned.
The electrical segment has also undergone a major overhaul, simplifying the wiring and making it more effective, and the headlight switch has been changed.
The Replica Factory incorporates several Racing components like the gas cap, the clutch pump cover, the covers of the brake pumps (front and rear), the brake pedal yoke, a Supersprox Z48 sprocket, and Renthal handlebars. The front brake disc is a 260mm diameter Galfer.
Among the several new parts on the motorcycle is the suspension. Both the Marzocchi forks and a new Reiger rear shock with dual adjustment, have the settings of the bikes used by the Gas Gas Factory Team Pons racing team. The chassis is finished in black and the swingarm is anodized aluminum in the same color. The shift pedal is also new: the tip being more effective. The seat cover is new, with the brand logo and trim color.
As with the TXT Pro Replica Factory, the EC Replica Factory also wears new graphics to commemorate this special 30th anniversary edition and a numbered series identification plate, limited to 250 units.



This weekend -- 2 day trial-- British - Americas Cup- here in Downtown historic Copperopolis---LEWISPORTUSA open house Saturday night -- Burgers - Drinks ---just need YOU to be there!



Cool 20 min video of 2014 FIM X-Trial World Championship - Milan Indoor

"Click here to watch"



GAS GAS NEWS--New Randonné 2014

In 2011 Gas Gas Motos launched a new bike into the market, a new concept, a new way of fun: the Gas Gas TX 125 Randonné. This model was well received by its ease of use and versatility, a perfect bike to get started in the off-road world. The Randonné is one of the most fun bikes that can be operated by any skill level. Precisely, it is the bike for everyone, easy to ride with a reliable engine that has low maintenance and low fuel consumption.
For 2014, the model range is extended with the new Randonné 200. By increaseing the displacement, the concept remains the same, and both the new model and the original 125cc version have increased performance due to improvements in the suspension and brakes.
New TX Randonné 200
The novelty of this new Randonné engine is an increase to 200 cc.The new engine offers more power to overcome any obstacle, with more torque and smoother operation.

The excellent feel and riding position is essentially coming from the frame, which has been improved thanks to the changes to the suspension and brakes.Where there are the most changes, are in the motorcycle itself.

When the model appeared in 2011, it awoke much curiosity and received great compliments. Now the 2014model has seen improvements to different points, such as the frame, sub-frame and engine sump guard. The wheels feature a new front hub for easy mounting and removal of the wheel, with new Morad rims.

With respect to the suspension, highlighting the new Ollé 40mm diameter front suspension that improves performance due to new settings. In the rear, Ollé has changed the shock absorber, with adjustments to enhance the performance of the bike in any situation.

The handlebar is new, smaller and with a new support for the multifunction display by Trailtech . The electrical system has also undergone some revision, in addition to the new JD CDI, the electrical system has been completely renovated, and in the rear, the taillight is LED. The license plate mount is different than the 2011 model to relocate the plate.

The graphics are also completely new, with red and black plastics with the predominance of traditional color of the Girona brand



First pics of the new "FUTURE" race team ossa.


Just in-- dust boots for ajp master cylinders-- finnally we do not have to buy the whole rebuild kit when we loose the dust seal and plunger!--available in red and black.



New "Factory " models from BETA--

• The 22/69 ratio primary drive is confirmed once again for the BETA EVO FACTORY 2014, allowing a decrease in the torque transmitted to the clutch. This also allows the rider to choose between two spring preload values (selecting the spacer mount direction), all helping to reduce the stress at the lever or increase the transmittable torque.
• Special clutch discs capable of ensuring smoother and more precise operation, giving the lever a better feel.
• Red anodized aluminum fuel fill cap.
• Cooling system hoses in red silicon produced using technology that combines an extruded core with a traditional sheath and provides better quality in terms of size and reliability.
• Black clutch and stator cover for a total Racing look.

• A completely original look: entirely white frame and eye-catching Factory-style graphics with a traditional mixture of white, red and blue patterns highlighting the Racing character of the product.
• A lot of work was put into the Factory Edition's suspension in order to provide better performance:
o The front fork tubes are shorter to better fit the new yokes. The internal cartridge and the CNC machined adjuster caps have been lightened. The forks are finished with black CNC machined yokes with a lighter design (-100 grams) as well as sowing off the Factory Beta logo.
o At the rear there is a monoshock equipped with a new yellow spring, made lighter and preloaded by a new ring assembly with a plastic containment spacer that ensures less friction, and a fresh calibration.
• Changes have also been made to the front braking system which now has a new Braktec master cylinder with reduced weight and an improved feel. The classic Factory design brake discs with their Racing look complete the package.
• The clutch master cylinder was also updated to match the new, modern design of the brake master cylinder in harmony with the new frame color.

2014 Beta Evo Factory

• Available in 125cc and 250cc in addition to the 300cc version, all the engines are built with carefully selected components and painstakingly fine tuned.
• Magnesium engine crankcase. A weight reduction of about 1.5 Kg (3.3 lbs.) allows for better handling, resulting in a dynamic riding experience.
• New 12 pole - 110W ignition that ensures more electrical power for the various systems. The electric fan benefits particularly from this feature, able to cool the engine more efficiently and ensure more stable operating temperatures and performance. The new ignition is also mounted in a reverse direction compared to traditional bikes which allows the rotating masses to be centered as the center of the flywheel is closer to the crankshaft. This means more agility and an easier ride, especially during aerial moves.
• New flywheel cover in magnesium which functions as a stator support and has a gasket to ensure a water tight seal for the flywheel chamber.

New brake and clutch master cylinders.
• For the 250/300 version a new, longer silencer was adopted in order to guarantee better sound characteristics and to work with the manifold to provide better handling and riding precision.
• All of the engine sizes feature a titanium exhaust manifold which is brand new. For the 250/300 versions, the new design provides increased torque at low engine speeds.
• The aesthetics are complemented by a few anodized details such as the chain tensioners and handlebar caps, traditionally in red Racing livery



OSSA USA and LewisportUSA are pleased to re-sign local rider Bryce Pophal to ride the 2014 OSSA TR280i for the 2014 season. Bryce has been a loyal campaigner on the OSSA during 2013 and achieved some great results in the SACTO Pits club, moving up swiftly to Expert level.

A great result for the 2014 season first event at Frank Raines Park saw Bryce securing 1st place in the Expert class!

Bryce will be riding all local events for the team and also some US National Rounds and other select 2 day events during the year.

Congratulations again Bryce !!




The Gas Gas TXT Pro 250 Racing is chosen as the 'Best motorcycle of the year, 2014'
The web site '' has awarded the Gas Gas TXT Pro 250 Racing as the best dirt bike of the year according to a users poll.
Salt, Girona
February 5th 2014

The leading motorcycle website in Spain '' held the fourth edition of its 'Moto of the Year' awards, where the best bikes of the season are recognized by choice of the users of the website. Again, Gas Gas Motos has won a major award, being awarded the Gas Gas TXT Pro 250 Racing as the 'Best Trial motorcycle' of 2014.
More than 630,000 registered users have chosen the best bikes of 2014 in an open election between May and December. The Gas Gas TXT Pro 250 Racing, the bike industry's best selling trial model, has also been named best in this segment..
It was in the course of a ceremony that took place in Madrid, and in which the main representatives of the two wheel industry, which has recognized the brand as a leading manufacturer in Trial, have been present in this section year after year, as the Gas Gas bikes have been valued as the best product, since the first edition of the 'Motorcycle of the Year' awards.
The Spanish motorcycle brand, a manufacturer in this field, greatly appreciates this award because it is the result of user feedback, the end customer of the brand, so we can conclude that Gas Gas has managed, for the fourth consecutive year, to provide the best product for the fans of this specialty of trial.

The Head of Marketing and Communications for Gas Gas, Carles Pérez, received the award for 'Best trial bike 2014' presented by D. Àngel Viladoms, president of the Real Federación Española de Motociclismo. (Spanish Motorcycling Federation)



Cool 20 min video of the French indoor-(Marseille)--2014 FIM x-trial world championship,





Gas Gas Motos, SA and Ossa Factory, SL join forces
The Catalan companies, Gas Gas and Ossa merge for industrial and commercial synergies and to develop new products..

The result of this merger, Gas Gas assumes production of OSSA at its factory in Salt, where current models of both Girona brands will be distributed. Gas Gas and Ossa will share financial, technological and human resources, but the two brands will retain the existing jobs, their names and operate independently in separate business networks to strengthen their leadership in the short-term trial market.
From this agreement and strengthening of its position in the off-road industry of both trial motorbikes as well as Enduro and Rally Raid, Gas Gas intends to revive the historic brand Ossa, not just for trial but with a street motorcycle that could be on the market within the next three years.
Gas Gas currently produces about 9,000 motorbikes per year and exports to 53 countries around the world, generating 500 direct and indirect jobs in Catalunya. With 95% of its turnover coming from the export of trial, enduro, and raids motorcycles, totaling 26 models in its portfolio, and they have a presence in the world championships in all disciplines. After the rebirth of Ossa in 2009, - three decades after its closure - they currently produce 800 trial motorbikes with two-stroke technology exported mainly to the European consolidated markets.
RAMON PUENTE, general director of Gas Gas
“In a globalized world with multinational companies, we decided to combine our companies from Catalonia to meet the demands of a highly competitive market.
We have the people, knowledge and infrastructure in order to have a posisiton in the motorcycling world. I think we cannot abandon this historical legacy and we have to take responsibility to reposition this industry in its rightful place."

JOAN GURT, general director of Ossa
"We have put our egos asside to create a project from Catalonia that allows us to compete at all levels, both in production and marketing. We need to further enhance the root talent and that's why it was better to be together than apart. With this union, we keep advancing and protecting this home industry."

January 23rd, Girona



New MOTS "LIGHT" collection jacket--here now!





New from AIROH--the OSSA factory team replica helmet.



Nice video of RAGA practicing courtesy Sergio-- "click here"



Challoner to OSSA-- It’s now confirmed that Jack Challoner and the Top Trial Team will ride Ossa machines in 2014

Jack Challoner is the latest OSSA recruit--together with the TopTrial Team 01/01/2014The news was in the air for a few months but the Bosi family had not revealed anything to date. 
After a very long history with Betamotor, Richard Bosi and his wife Daniela and son Michael, changing to green tunic passing of the Spanish Ossa motorcycle .  





OSSA USA and LEWISPORTUSA are pleased to announce a new rider to our team --- Dustin Land.

Dustin and family have been a very good friends of ours for many years and are very happy to have him on the new 2014 OSSA TR300 i --he will be contending in Central Regional championships as well as select NATC moto national rounds.

Dustin.."Thanks to OSSAUSA and LewisportUSA for this great opportunity and i am very excited for the 2014 season aboard the new OSSA"

We at OSSAUSA and LewisportUSA wish Dustin all the best for this new year onboard the OSSA and look forward to a great working relationship.




First event of the new year starts with the FIM X Trial world championship in Sheffield in the UK-- rumor has it there will be 2 top ten riders on the new OSSA competing--

quote from news feed--

Ossa Motos (UK) LTD - Media Service
Sheffield Indoor – Round 1 FIM X-Trial World Championship 2014
Green is go for Ossa as they start the new year early with the exciting news that they will have two new riders mounted on Ossa machinery at the opening round of this year’s FIM X-Trial World Championship in Sheffield.
Nigel Birkett – Ossa Motos (UK) Ltd: “Yes the rumors are true but I cannot name the individuals due to contractual reasons which as an ex-works rider myself you have to respect”.
“One of the riders concerned is a home rider but both the new Ossa riders are regular top ten world championship competitors. I am over the moon with the new signings and know they will put on a good show at Sheffield so get your tickets for the event and let’s hear some noise for Ossa”..................

We will have more news and pictures here as available.



Apologies to all our overseas web site visitors-- seems we had a few technical glitches this end-- should all be sorted now i hope! ---- happy christmas to all our overseas visitors and here's to a prosperous new year!



New helmet coming soon from Jitsie--



Special offers from LewisportUSA / Gas Gas




Our special liquidation price (In cooperation with the GASGAS factory)


(The normal price for a set like this is at least $1414.30)

NOTE : As shown in the images below, this does not include tires, brake discs, or rear sprocket.

If you need the brake disc rotors and rear sprocket, we have those as well.



These are the 32 spoke version with the new design turnbuckle spokes and this TUBELESS REAR WHEEL does not use a rubber rim sealing-band. This design insures a perfect seal of your tubeless rear tire, and these rear wheels will fit all GASGAS Pro from 2002 to present. (It may also fit other brands of trials motorcycles that use this wheel configuration)

These are simply leftover from production, these are not rejects or seconds! The spokes are black. (See attached image files)

The rear wheel fits every model of GASGAS Pro from 2002 to present.

BUT please note: The front wheel fits only the 40mm Marzocchi front suspension.

(ALL 40mm MARZOCCHI equipped Trials TXT models from 2004 to present) This is only because the front wheel bearing interior diameter (i. d.)is larger starting in 2004. NO, you cannot put the smaller bearings for the older bikes into this hub, the machining of the interior of the hub is different.-

BUT, If you have a 2003 or older Pro and you want to buy a set of wheels at this price, please contact us via telephone and we can see if we can match an older-type front wheel into a set for you at this same price.

In this offer, we have black color rim wheel-sets that are OEM on the 2013 GasGas RACING model, and we have Titanium color rim wheel-sets that were OEM in 2011 TXT production.

(These sets are all made of identical components, except for the actual rim color)

NOTE ABOUT THE TITANIUM COLOR SETS: We will do our very best to color match the titanium rim sets, but there are slight tint differences with this type of anodizing.


Many riders, especially those in the upper skill-levels of our sport jump at the chance to have a second wheel set for a good price. Not only is it an easy way to get back into the Trial after a flat tire, but the competition Michelin rear tires are very expensive. Think of the fact that a person can have a "practice" wheel set with worn tires and a competition wheel set with sharp new tires. For a rider who practices a lot, with the high prices for Michelins, in tire savings alone, this wheel set may quickly pay for itself. And the peace of mind for those who seriously compete, to have a backup set of wheels to quickly overcome any wheel related problem during the heat of competition by simply doing a five minute wheel-swap and get back out there into the competition.

Additionally, PLEASE NOTE that this is the new style rear wheel rim without a rim-band! So, you can end forever the leaking rear tire and rim-band hassle. All of these advantages in one easy step or simply update an older Gas Gas PRO.



LewisportUSA is proud to be the sole importer for all products from BTWICE ENGINEERING

Btwice engineering is a new company specializing specific products to help the trials and automotive industry.

Many new specialized parts will become available for various brands of trials bikes over the next few month.

Starting with several parts for OSSA , one in particular will help all Ossa owners wishing to increase idle without having re setting the TPS (requires Diagnostic tool) and improving air flow to engine via velocity stack thereby improving performance etc etc.

Made of billet aluminum and available in several colors -- available here soon! ---many more parts to follow.

Larger anodized skid plates covering more frame area and wider for extra protection.

Two different versions of the OSSA Racing Skid Plate. Both with the same shape than the OSSA Racing Skid plate but extra long.

Made of alluminium 7075 and with a hardness treatment (T6) they are the perfect protection for the footrests base-support . With the same width than the OSSA Racing Skid Plate they are a great protection for when the extra flywheel weight is assembled.

The BTW version, perfect for soft pilots, is anodized in black.

The Racing L version has grooving on its bottom to improve friction and grip.


Smooths the engine at low rpm and increases the inertia at high rpm making easier the traction. Perfect for any type of riding.


Visit the BTWICE web site "HERE"




New sticker kits available for BETA and GAS GAS-----"Perfect stocking filler!"



MOTS winter clothing here now!



New from MOTS-- Back protector vest-- here soon!



Nice video from Sergio of Raga training.




New lewisportusa embroidered caps--$15.95



Looking for the christmas present for the trials guy that has everything?---here it is-- r/c rock crawlers--great fun for the kids AND adults!

"Click here" to check them out!



The new MOTS collection is here--check the new catalouge out ----"click here"




Back in stock--38th 4 bolt sprockets for all you "trail" riding customers-- $69.95



Just in--new jitsie EXTRA wide alloy footpegs--unlike most alloy pegs that slowly go dull and loose there edge over time these alloy extra wide pegs ( 60mm! ) have replaceable steel pins (come with spares)--available in black / red & blue--- $129.95



New MOTS Tool Fanny pack---in stock now!






2014 full range here soon--including the new Carbon Airoh--don't miss out--pre order yours now!



New MOTS gloves and tie stock--call for de tails....




New MOTS catalogue-- all items now available --call for pricing.

"click here" to go to MOTS catalogue




To all our customers-- please note we have a new phone system in operation,--you will now receive a message asking which department you require--please follow the prompts, this will direct you to the appropriate department / person--if there is no reply we are probably with another customer, please leave a message as we check these messages frequently.

Thank you for your cooperation.




Couple of cool videos, some trials from the UK and europe.

"Click here for..2013 NORTH BERKS SUPERTRIAL HIGHLIGHTS-saturday" (courtesy Kingtrials)

"Click here for..2013 NORTH BERKS SUPERTRIAL HIGHLIGHTS-sunday " (courtesy Kingtrials)

"Click here for --Teaser Trial Ancelle Championnat de France"



Gas Gas "ECO" bikes are due to arrive friday-- best value out there for a new bike --- $5749.00 ( plus tax+ titlle in CA)



Gas Gas unviels there new 2014 model Enduro-- "Overcomming"



"Overcoming" is what best defines the work of the R&D department in the new 2014 Gas Gas EC models: the result of improvement and refinements in all aspects.

Gas Gas unveils the new range of Enduro for 2014, one of its best kept secrets, with important changes affecting all models and engine displacements. Changes that make big improvements for all the new motorcycles from the Spanish factory, in their continuous product development, focused upon offering the best possible machines for the customers. The new 2014 EC range have been designed, engineered, and manufactured for fun and competition. These are motorcycles that have been thoroughly tested within the confines of intense and maximum competition and have achieved the best results for users: reliability and performance. This is the DNA of a Gas Gas.

The new 2014 EC Racing models have been the focus of the R & D department of Gas Gas Motos, developing a high quality product for customers of the brand. The Racing version is the mainstay of a new range, available in displacements from 125cc 2T and up to the 300cc in 2 stroke.

• New chassis
• New rear shock Reiger (in Racing range)
• 48mm Marzocchi fork (45mm in Racing 125 and Standard range), new settings
• Side covers that improve the flow to the filter box
• Excel wheel-set with machined hubs
• More ergonomic and effective brake pedal
• Titanium color sprocket
• Handle on front wheel axle
• Tires Metzeler Six Days
• Injection molded SKID PLATE, lighter and more coverage
• Handlebars Gas Gas Double Force
• New digital display
• New machined clamps
• New 8.2 liter tank (model-4T)
• New side number plates
• New graphics

• Evolution of the engine
• New water pump
• Reed valve V-Force4 (in Racing range, except EC 200)
• New exhaust EC 125 Racing
• New power curve EC 125 Racing
• Exhaust FMF (except EC 250 F and EC 300 F)
• Redesign of the crankshaft
• New Ignition
• New crankcase design
• New cylinder head
• Keihin Carburetor PKWS
• Electrical wiring improved
• Newclutch cover and clutch cover disksmade by aluminum injected

The new 2014 Gas Gas Enduro standard are available with a 2-stroke engine, and are characterized by their excellent combination of features: handling, comfort and power. Versatile bikes with the fun and ease of use remaining unchanged.

The Gas Gas EC Std have always been the best Enduro bikes for those who are new to the sport or for those seeking an easy bike to ride, but at the same time powerful, reliable, affordable and also having quality components. The standard range of 2014 Gas Gas acquires most of the changes that occurred, except for some minor details and suspension. The forks of the EC 200, 250, 250 E, 300, 300 E and EC 125 Racing also are inverted Marzocchi, Shiver 45mm in diameter, and have a Sachs rear shock, which also has good performance for the riding-style of an 'entry level rider'.



LewisportUSA are pleased to announce the supply of all MATRIX Concepts products --

Matrix Concepts

Matrix Concepts are one of the leading manufacturers of quality shop and race equipment including Ramps/Stands/Mats/Fuel Cans/Tie Downs and all sorts of shop and track equipment,

Some of there stands appear on our Catalogue stand page,

ALL of there products are available through LewisportUSA--just call to order

"CLICK HERE" to enter there web site.



New from OSSA-- soon available here will be this new range of high end carbon bicycles--call for more info!




New product from lewisportUSA-- for the Honda reflex/tlr--- aluminium side stand.

In stock now---$135.00



AIROH trials helmets back in stock.



MOTS "Rover" collection now in stock.




The New 2014 OSSA EXPLORER--here soon!--orders now being taken.--call for more info!

OSSA OSSA Explorer

When designing the Explorer, OSSA engineers and designers were based on the following approach: create a bike that was easier to reach the most difficult places. Its extreme lightness and trials qualities, combined with its enhanced ergonomics, make it possible to enjoy both tours real quiet as trial areas.

For 2014, the Explorer receives multiple internal and external improvements. The engine has been thoroughly revised to improve reliability and further refine its operation, while in the cycle have polished practical details that make the experience even better to ride an Explorer.

OSSA Explorer 2014. Reinventing the trial-trip.

Engine news

New engine 2014 with ball bearing in the crankshaft
New reinforced gearbox
New easy start system without maintenance
Ecu new location in the interior of the bike
New wiring
New location for the contact key
Rear fender with new material more rigid
New casting footrests
Frame and subframe in black
Plastics in black with new 2014 graphics
New chain tensioner spring




One of our former Youth Team trial riders, now Endurocross rider Colton Haaker has a new video--check it out!

"Click here to watch video"



New from MOTS--bar ends-- silver or black in stock!



Orders now being taken for the 2013 ECO Gas Gas--price is $5749.00 this year-- a bargain for a brand new motorcycle perfectly capable of competing with fully priced models.

This year we will see the new plastic "Race" type tank on the bike and new radiator and head from the race bike also.

Basically the same as the TXT 250 and 280 Pro except for:

  • Front fork is an Olle 40mm.
  • Rear shock is an Olle
  • Dell'Orto Carburetor
  • Mechanized cylinder head
  • New cooling system (same as the Racing)2010 frame
  • 2009 graphics
  • Rear rim without the midrib
  • Pirelli tires




New OSSA lewis port screen printed t,s --100% cotton--$19.95

Ossa lewisportusa embroidered fleece--$165.00

Ossa lewisportusa embroidered polos--$29.95




The 2014 Gas Gas--

New Gas Gas TXT range for 2014.

One of the important developments in the 2014 range refers to the weight reduction.A new design of the front suspension triple trees lighten the overall weight without reducing performance.

The rear shock, a major change is the repositioning of the oil reservoir.This race team experience has shown the importance of this area being away from external heat sources, and this improves its performance by 80%. Reiger has made the new shock for the 2014 TXT Racing to achieve that goal. The rear suspension settings have been revised to the settings of the 2013 Factory Replica model, an improvement in stability .

Following the chassis, this new model 2014 TXT Racing includes the new 2013 Galfer Wave Brake rotor, also implemented on the 2013 Factory Replica. The disc is lighter and with the one-piece ‘mono-block’ caliper on the front, offering better control for the rider. The rear sprocket remains consistent with the FIM rules, applying an adhesive guard on both sides that perfectly simulates the cutaways and keeps out dirt.

The 2014 TXT Racing also acquires the new brake system with more ergonomic master cylinder with a black anodized finish and titanium anodized aluminum filler cap. Rear caliper has the new ‘AutoStand’ developed by Gas Gas, facilitating the quick-change of the rear wheel. The chassis now has a sealed steering area which prevents the entry of water and dirt into the bearings. As usual, the 2014 TXT Racing has a new decor.

A new filter housing provides better air flow and gives a more progressive power curve. The inside cover that protects the filter element has been adapted to this TXT Racing model for the same easy maintenance.

New clutch master cylinder with identical to the brake, anodized black and with a cap in titanium color. The Racing models use the same exhaust system as found on the Factory Replica.

Keihin carb is also now mounted on the 250cc model. The mapping has been revise don the CDI and adjusted to the new settings.

TXT Pro 2014: the basis of Trial

New brake and clutch master cylinders, improve ergonomics and precision. Anodized black bodies.

The chassis now has a sealed steering stem, as well as revisions to the connections to the new radiator and the relocation of some electrical components. A weight reduction in the model 2014 TXT Pro is in the new fuel tank which has been lightened by approximately 200 grams. It has the same capacity as before. And ease of opening, filling and closing.

A new radiator, smaller but at the same time more efficient in operation.

The new location of the switch for changing the CDI map, installed in the plastic side frame protector.

The new design of the air filter box increases the air flow and offers a more progressive power curve. In the same way, the interior filter protector improves the ease of maintenance.

The new cylinder head has been produced for this model providing a direct connection to the radiator resulting in a smoother power curve. The engine incorporates the quick release gear selector shaft, a real standard for Gas Gas .



New Website NOW LIVE!------------------for EVERYTHING OSSA!





BETA news,---- a fix to the evo air dust problem !

These are to help brace down the air filter lid which can flex and allow dirt in--availible for the following--

Evo Air Filter Brace, 09-12 2T's, 09-13 4T's
Evo Air Filter Brace, 2013 2T's ----------------------------------------$39.99 each



Found some more!!----------------------



Due to the popularity of this sale, we have obtained the last remaining factory stock of these wheel sets.

These wheel assemblies fit every year and model of the GASGAS PRO. These are the 32 spoke version with the new design turnbuckle spokes and this TUBELESS wheel does not use a rubber rim sealing-band. This design insures a perfect seal of your tubeless rear tire, and these wheels will fit all GASGAS Pro from 2002 to present. (It may also fit other brands of trials motorcycles that use this wheel configuration)

These are leftover from the year 2012 "racing model"production. The rim color is "black" and the spokes are black.


(The normal dealer price is $1214.30)




New for Gas Gas pro-- Anodized skid plates--call for more details. ....





New OSSA ---"GREEN"-- hoses-- throttle / clutch / back and front brake available!



New RED Gas Gas frame protectors-- same red as frame so that they are not so noticeable as the carbon look ones-- in stock now!




Cool new "Raga" training video--

"click here for adam-raga-training-camp"



New Gas Gas suspension protection---availible here now!




Non Stop Trial --Explained!--Maybe???

"Click here to watch"



New product from Jitsie-- Titanium header pipe for the OSSA ......




LEWISPORTUSA is proud to announce that as of February 1st, 2013 LewisprtUSA have become the Sole Importer and Distributor of OSSA motorcycles and spare parts into the USA.

The OSSA TR280i trials motorcycle first landed in the United States in June of 2011. Lewisport was the first Trials dealer to sign up with the new brand and take delivery of the first shipment of bikes. At that time the USA importer and distributor was VP Engineering and owner Curt Leaverton.  Curt has been an OSSA enthusiast since first starting  to ride.

Not only does he still have an extensive collection of vintage OSSA trials and dirt bikes but he continues to this day to hold the OSSA brand dear to his heart, and in his own words “that will never change”. 

It is through Curt’s understanding and a continued willingness to see OSSA succeed in the USA which has made this announcement and agreement with Lewisport possible.

We sincerely thank him for this amazing opportunity and we are excited to become a part of the OSSA history and a resource towards the future.

A new website will soon be availible for more info on everything OSSA!


OSSA : A Brief History--

OSSA was founded in the early 1920,s by a man named Manuel Giro. The original company manufactured cinema projection equipment. The name OSSA was derived from “ Orpheo Sincronic Sociedad Anonima “ quite a mouthful to say the least !!
Manuel’s son Eduardo actually built the first OSSA motorcycle just as summer project while on a school break. His father was impressed and gave him space in the company to build motorcycles of which the first was a 125cc machine. These were apparently blazing fast road racing bikes and at that time OSSA sold in the region of 80,000 of these bikes after it’s introduction in 1951.

The OSSA brand, with all of its technological potential, contributed to the make’s popularity in Europe in the Seventies. OSSA signed the British rider Mick Andrews, one of the best of his era and still a well know name in the US. In the summer of 1970 Andrews moved with his wife to Barcelona, to develop the Mick Andrews Replica (MAR).

Mick Andrews and Eduardo Giró developed what would become one of the best trials motorcycles in history. The revolutionary MAR, with its unique look (white with a diagonal green stripe) defined an era and was an extremely popular bike. OSSA and Mick Andrews won the Scottish Six Days Trial three times and two
European championships in 1971 and 1972. The trade press of the day wrote the following regarding a test of the MAR published in December 1971: “its finishing's are close to perfect; it is the best trial motorbike in existence”.

The brand’s diversification extended to enduro and motocross with such emblematic bikes as the Desert series and the Super Pioneer, as well as the unforgettable OSSA Phantom motocross bike. The OSSA Phantom was the first production motorcycle with a chrome molybdenum tube chassis and an aluminum swing arm: it weighed six or seven kilos less than the competition’s bikes. These bikes still have a very enthusiastic following in the USA.

Fast forward, and after a 29 year hiatus, OSSA has returned to its championship winning roots in trials bike technology. Through innovation and redesign the OSSA TR 280i represents the new standard in trials bike engineering.

The new TR 280i offers an innovative and exclusive design concept. It is a trials bike that has inherited the spirit that characterized the shamrock brand in the past. The TR 280i is a very technologically advanced trials motorcycle. With its electronic-injection two-stroke engine it breaks the established mold and is a quality alternative that will undoubtedly win over enthusiasts.




NEW LEWISPORTUSA "T",s---all sizes --100% cotton good quality t,s--$17.95 each, black or gray .



New economy shock for Gas Gas models.

DESCRIPTION - A new and very high quality aluminum-body aftermarket rear shock absorber. (Made in Spain by ollé )  
APPLICATION - This will fit all GasGas Pro models as well as the TXT models beginning in the year 2000. As well as all of the Edition TXT models in 2002, 2003, and 2004.  
PRICE - Retail price of $399.00 for the complete shock. We have them in stock now.  
TECHNICAL DETAILS - They come with the spring as shown and are adjustable in compression and rebound dampening. (Equal adjustment, not separately) This absorber has steel heim joints in both ends with the correct bushings for mounting. (Not the inferior rubber heim bushings)  





Now available new LEWISPORTUSA rim sticker kits-- made of very thick vinyl with double adhesive to give that It sticks to plastics. It sticks to powder-coated paint. ..... And it stays stuck!

Can be customized to your colors--your logo ....

• Vinyl that conforms to complex curves
• High-Bond Adhesive sticks to plastics/powder paint
• Made for Trials, Motocross, ATV and Kart plastics



New MOTS "JUNIOR" collection availible soon--call for details.



Back in stock --Gas Gas brushed aluminum End caps--deal with that melted plastic end cap once and for all!---

(available in UK from Cambs trials




New MOTS ridding jacket--order yours now for christmas!




LewisportUSA are pleased to announce the distributorship of RAPTOR Titanium Foot peg products in the USA & CANADA.





Trials Foot pegs

All (trials)


Replacement Trials Springs

All years

All (trials)


Replacement Trials Bushes

All years

All (trials)


Trials Refurbish Kit

All years

All (trials)


Classic Hangers

Pre 1999

All (trials)


4rt Honda Montessa Hangers

All years





All models





For earlier models of trials bike (pre-1999) please see our RTCH001 mild steel weld-on classic hangers


Dealer pricing available.




New from S3--top triple tree with fully adjustable bar clamps and different colors-- here soon!

Micrometric adjustable position , from original position to 8mm back, and 24mm front.
Full billet CNC Ergal 7075T6.
Complete kit fork clamps + handlebars clamps:
GASGAS PRO         TECH 39  
Coming soon Beta, Sherco, Montesa, jtg.









Many of our customers are not aware of our very extensive "MANUALS" page, here you can find part numbers for most all modern trials bikes along with some extremely good information / videos on anything from general maintenance to specific tasks on specific brands---look for the "MANUALS" tab on the left or "CLICK HERE" to go straight there.

Also, when ordering OEM parts it helps us a lot if you can give us part numbers to avoid confusion.





The new S3 catalogue --- "CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD CATALOGS" Remember--everything in the catalogue is available through LEWISPORTUSA








PRICING: While we try our hardest to keep the posted prices up to date, prices are not guaranteed. ALL prices are subject to change at any time.... please CALL for up to date pricing! With so many of our items being imported, there are a lot of variables that can change our cost.....

And a reminder..... we not only sell all our items retail, but also have special dealer pricing. Call for details.