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INCREDIBLE DISCOUNT deals on GAS GAS trials bikes right now!--call for best pricing!---Call;209.785.6878---call/text 505.515.5005---text;505.280.8022

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Please note-- our online shopping cart is going through some fairly large changes over the next few weeks so please if you are having trouble ordering or do not see what you are looking for please call/e-mail or text and we will be glad to try and help.

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LEWISPORTUSA would like to take this opportunity to thank and wish all our customers a very happy and prosperous new years,

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Gonna be a great new season at Vertigo--lots of new riders and products heading our way soon!

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New 2018 Gas Gas "Factory" models available now--Call for best pricing, we have economical safe shipping anywhere.

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Full Range of HEBO REPSOL MONTESA clothing and helmets available ,see or on line webstore for more details and pricing,



New product for the Vertigo with Mapping controls on headlight--a number plate that will go onto the bike without moving the multi mapping controls .

We also offer the custom sticker with whatever details you require on it.



For all you Vertigo customers, remove the air filter cover with ease and quickly without tools.



Milan show time again and everyone is touting there new products and models, here are a few pics from todays opening day,

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The all new VANDAL finnally from VERTIGO

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New gas Gas electric-- with a clutch !

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2018 RAGA TRS model.

New X Track from TRS




Action from the last world FIM trials round in Italy.


New for 2018, Vertigo to launch a new 50cc kids bike and the all new of limited production "Titanium R " (only 30 worldwide)

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Well, Bear valley is over-- and so are the 3rd and 4th rounds of the CA state championships, and a great time was had by all at this very special location in the beautiful sierra Nevada mountains. We had riders from as far away as Montana Washington and Utah, thank you all for attending and making this another "epic" Bear valley event.

Here are some pics!

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Well, its that time of year again, Bear Valley trial will soon be upon us --this year BEAR VALLEY TRIAL will be rounds 3 & 4 of the CA state championship and will an "A" class trial both days. We will still have sections for ALL level of riders on both days from beginner to master (rumor is we may have a couple of celebrities!).

This year the ski village is under new management and a big effort to improve facilities is being made with special rates at the Bear Valley lodge (mention trial ) and condos available for families etc etc.

There is also tent glamping at the ski area just up the hill a little way (link to site)

We will have food available at the sky high pizza restaurant & the creek side dinning room. The general store / deli has be revamped and will have breakfast available Fri. and Sat with coffee, selection of muffins and pastries, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, yogurt fresh fruit and hot and cold cereals.

With much more effort being made to accommodate us this year we urge everyone to support the village as much as possible.

Please call or text Mandy (505 515 5005) for any other information and assistance.




New from Hebo--CRANK / CORE1 / ORIGIN bike trials helmets -- plus MUCH more trials bicycle parts and apparel -- Check out the new HEBO range of motorcycle and bicycle wear and parts, available to order here now!


ALL parts in this catalouge are avilible to order here now!






New gas Gas practice fenders-$29.95 -- available in black and white.



Some Jitsie action from Kingman--


2017 TalGP Rd.- Kingman - Arizona - Weekend Review from Ji

A few pictures of our pit at the World Round Trial GP held at Kingman AZ , much appreciation to the organizers Mike Carlton and his crew for a incredible event which was well received by all visiting manufacturers.



New from MOTS--the GO ON 2 helmet....... available shortly in different colors--orders now being taken.

Casco Trial MOTS GO2, Negro, L



Its gets earlier every year!---its that time again, the 2018 TRS model pics!

More details to follow soon!



It is with a very heavy heart i have to inform you I lost my riding buddy yesterday, but more importantly i lost my very good friend.

Kevin Davey sadly passed away yesterday at Stanford hospital after a long struggle with pancreatic cancer.

His family were there with him .

I would like to thank everyone that supported Kevin "Go Fund Me" account we set up nearly one year ago...thank you ALL.

Friendship is deep, powerful and amazing, but it is hard to really explain why.

If you have a close friend you probably know exactly what i mean.

No surprise... when your close friend passes is just like a family member passing, we don't "Get over it".....we learn to live with it...it may get different...it may get easier...but it is always with us!

Kevin, you will ALWAYS be with us.

Our deepest condolences to all family and friends,

RIP Kev, Gonna miss you bud!


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We just wanted to remind customers that we stock and are able to offer the enduro line of Gas Gas motorcycles also, here is a video link that Dirtbike magazine released on the all new GAS GAS EC race bikes,



Some pictures from our Lewisport Trials training school---

Just a reminder lewisport offer one on one training schools for beginner through upper class riders at our unique riding area here in Copperopolis--typical class consists of anywhere from one to a max of 5 riders giving all attended a high level of attention for either half day or full day training.
We also have the opportunity to hire a bike so that prospective riders can get a feel for the trials sport before purchasing there own bike.


Please call shop 1-866-997-2622 for more training info


me to J15/3/17

fFor those who didnt see the cool Vertigo 2017 launch video here it is,





New Toni Bou video---very cool!



Check out the new Lewisport T Shirts, front and back logos and sleeves also!--available in all sizes $19.95



New showrooms coming together--many new models in stock including Vertigo / TRS / Gas Gas / Beta/ / and soon the new Electric Motion all electric full size bikes.




s , b





This last week at the fabulous Campradom Vertigo location at the beautiful Nossair training area in the Pyrenees saw the launch of the all new VERTIGO VANDAL , more information and full press release photos/info to follow soon!



Cool new video from TRS...........



New color for the Garne boot available now---call for sizing and availability--$329.00



Vertigo / Crossbow Trials bikes are suitable for the Amateur thru Proffesional trials bycyle riders, this Highly competative product is built to an exceptional standard and available here soon in both 20 and 26 inch models:


Aluminium frame (2 piece pressed ) providing stiffness/ comfort and strength

Lighter than most other brands

High quality parts including Titanium and carbon fibre

Developed by TOP world riders for riders.

More info and specs available here soon, call for info and pricing.



Carbon exhaust manufacturer Termignoni look set to produce high end carbon exhaust for the vertigo!



Available again in short supply, the replacement for a HEBO rear brake on 90 onwards TXT models--this has been a problem for some time for customers with the old HEBO caliper that has no longer has parts available -- this kit replaces the whole caliper and uses existing hose, ----------Rec retail, $374.30




Not really too trials orientated but sort of is!---many many years ago we helped this young kid win the US national 125 trials championships name was COLTON HAAKER.....I think we all knew he was destined for bigger things back then!

Look where it got him now!..........................................If your still on the fence about whether getting a trials bike will help your dirt bike riding here is the proof!!!



New product from jitsie for VERTIGO owners-- a long awaited header pipe guard--order yours now!



New MOTS RIDER2 gloves now available.........................



Dougie Lampkin successfully wheelies Isle of Man TT course---37.7 miles!

Setting off from the grandstand in Douglas, the 12 times World Champ Dougie Lamkpkin aboard his Vertigo Ice hell 300 battled strong winds, traffic and sharp rises and falls of the TT circuit to finish the course in 1 hour 35 mins, and incredible achievement!

"It feels fantastic," said a very emotional Dougie as he arrived at the end of the course. "The last 15 seconds were really loverly. The rest of it was a challenge. It wasnt over until a couple of metres from the end, but the last few metres were amazing!"






New clothing for Gas gas riders,---availible here




New for the TRS--Rieger rear shock-- heres the word!

Reiger rear shock absorber as used by Adam Raga-

After a season of competition with Adam Raga, the TRS factory is confident in releasing the "Factory" accessory Rieger shock. This shock is a limited production specifically tuned for the TRSone, and has settings consistent with the desires of typical top level trials riders.

Rec retail-$1015.00--part number 05007TR100

ALAlso new for the TRS one--Kehien carb conversion now available here,



New Alpinestar trials boot available here soon, orders now being taken





We have received a few more "Repsol" Montesa Hebo helmets in various sizes with both smoked and clear visors,

"CLICK HERE" for link to shopping cart.



New from Jitsie-- finally-- an mixture adjustment screw to fit the beta 4t!

"Click Here" for link to shopping cart



Available here now!



2016 Scottish Six Day Trial--well!--what a week it has been --here are a few videos of each day and some pictures I took whilst riding.

Having lived here and ridden the SSDT many times before this has been a 16 year break from the last time i rode the SSDT and i must admit by far the hardest !

I went into this knowing it was going to be tough!--and to be honest with suffering from arthritis now in both knees not knowing if a finish was going to be achievable.

My two companions Bill Merritt and Jon Berlin were both first timers and a life long dream for them to compete in the SSDT.

When you watch the videos and look at the pictures it all seems quite straight forward doesn't it?------cant be that hard right?----well i hate to shatter your elusions but this is hard--VERY HARD! There is NO other trial that begins to compare with the severity of this event both in length / physically /mechanically and mentally.

Around 100 miles a day , in the first week of May in the Scottish highlands can be interesting weather!-- and this year did not let us down--we had sun , rain ,snow, hail, wind , oh and did i mention rain!!!

We all started late on the first day (times change each day) and rain somewhat cautious of what we were getting into--and as the week progressed my companions learnt all about the things i had told them, but now it was for real!

PEAT BOG:-wet spongy soft ground of decomposing vegitation: has poorer drainage than a swamp; soil is unfit for cultivation

This stuff is EVERYWHERE!----there is NOTHING anywhere in the US that begins to compare with this stuff--you have to just experience it--some are hard enough to walk on--some are soft enough to completley engulf a bike-- and rider!

I knew what we were in for on Monday being late-- good going in the 30+ sections but hard going on the moors because of the 250+ riders that had been through in front of us, Bill and Jon unfortunately did not! and soon got there first taste of what was install for the next 5 days!

Unfortunately Jon encountered some electrical connection problems on Tuesday and got excluded on time with a 4 mile bike push back of the moors returning late Tuesday night!--but once quickly fixed continued to ride the rest of the week (no finishers award basis)

Bill unfortunatly went out on Wednesday with some carpul tunnel issues and sat out the horrendous Thursday long Rannoch moor day and the rest of the week.

Both Jon and i carried on and finished the event, exhausted , excited , thankful!

In summary--- it was a GREAT week in the Scottish highlands-great to see MANY old friends here---would i do it again?--i WILL return!---this event is simply THE biggest trials event in the world--MUCH appreciation to the organizers and folks that take time to actually put the is event on and make it happen-- it ran flawlessly as always, also to Team Vertigo Uk for the bikes and the team truck and mechanics / helpers that made this week possibly---THANK YOU ALL!





As the US importer for MOTS we are now able to offer the New MOTS GO ON2 now avavilble in red / black /white and green/ black /white--------$189.95



GRP gas twin shocks --available here now!



Get your Tether kill switch now --Ridding Nationals this year?--or just want the security of knowing when that big off comes ! the engine will not rev out causing expensive repairs or worse still hurt someone!

As usual Lewisportusa are ready with huge stocks and cheapest prices--$32.52



New Hebo Tech comp HT1020 --in stock--online shopping cart for details.



New Hebo helmets in stock!-- the Carbon Fiber retails $299.00--fiberglass retail $199.00

HC 1060 Carbon Fiber Construction.

HC 1021 Fiberglass construction

HC1022--fiberglass construction.

All of these helmets are on our online site.





TRP shock upgrade replacement for the Montesa / Honda 4rt-- in stock!--The TRP trials shock absorber is a great upgrade for any trials rider to obtain a better suspension setup as it allows for a wide range of adjustments to be made to the rear rebound damping using the anodized serrated roller:


-fully adjustable rebound
-progressive dampening
-top quality CNC machined aluminium parts
-anodized serrated roller for easy adjustment
- made and assembled in Belgium
-all bushings and bearings available separately
- fully rebuild able



Mots tool packs --in stock!



MOTS---US importer--lewisportUSA



We still have a few sets of the MOTS "Step2" clothing, this is still on special offer for $117.50 for pants ans jersey!

Only a few sets remaining, great value for the money-- just in time for christmas.









Some folks have asked for better images of the incredible true "Factory" bike from Vertigo-- the "RR" model--so here they are!--FULL titanium frame-- Termignoni titanium /carbon exhaust / mag casings and so much more-- this comes in at 130lb!!



Some pictures from our Lewisport Trials trainning school---

Thanks to Pat /Rob and Mark for attending, hope you all learnt something!


Please call shop (209) 785 6878 for more training info



Many Gas Gas OEM parts now available on our online shopping store--- still call for anything you don't find!


MOTS, grips and bar ends available at lewisportusa online shopping mega store:



New MOTS boots now available to order at lewisportusa--




We at LewisportUSA are extremely proud to announce sole distribution of the all new VERTIGO TRIALS Motorcycles in North America.

Following the success of the latest prototype version of the Vertigo Combat as ridden to victory by Dougie Lampkin at the recent and famous Scottish Six Day Trial (SSDT), the 2016 production edition will now benefit from the information collected during this absolute test of reliability and performance plus the continued work to deliver the best possible package to end users.

Taking immediate effect the parties listed belowhave been exclusively sanctioned to act on behalf of Vertigo Motors within the geographical limits specified in each case.

1: Official and exclusive Vertigo distributor for Northern America

Phone: + 1 2097856878 / + 1 5055155005
Contact: lewisportusa@gmail.com

Territory: United States of America

Without exception, each appointed party has a great passion and a vast experience within the sport of trial and therefore Vertigo Motors are confident in these exciting and new collaborations, and wish their newly appointed official Vertigo distributors every success now and in the future as they each play their important role in establishing the brand around the World

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Click here" to watch vi


Fed up with melting / damaging that plastic Gas Gas end cap?

Availible now at LewisportUSA--this high qaulity and rugged aluminium silencer end cap for the Gas Gas PRO,

Fits 2010 Raga replica and all trials models 2011 and on.

Accepts our lewisport extended tip for the spark arrestor fitment.

in stock -- $139.95




Many of our customers are not aware of our very extensive "MANUALS" page, here you can find part numbers for most all modern trials bikes along with some extremely good information / videos on anything from general maintenance to specific tasks on specific brands---look for the "MANUALS" tab on the left or "CLICK HERE" to go straight there.

Also, when ordering OEM parts it helps us a lot if you can give us part numbers to avoid confusion.







PRICING: While we try our hardest to keep the posted prices up to date, prices are not guaranteed. ALL prices are subject to change at any time.... please CALL for up to date pricing! With so many of our items being imported, there are a lot of variables that can change our cost.....

And a reminder..... we not only sell all our items retail, but also have special dealer pricing. Call for details.