Our story---so far!

Lewisport was started by Adrian & Mandy Lewis about 30 years ago in the Highlands of Scotland on the West Coast nr Fort William, right in the heart of Scottish Six Day Country.

Adrian started riding trials at the age of 7 and has over 50 years of trials retail experience.

Having ridden in UK and Europe at a competitive level for many years and competing in 10 Scottish Six Day events ( which promoted our move from UK to Scotland) and still riding today competitively.

Mandy has also ridden trials here in the USA for more than 15 years, making the women's US Gas Gas team, and still rides competitively.

When we arrived in Scotland from the UK we immediately joined the local Lochaber Trials Club. We had always carried our own spares in a van set up for trials as we rode all over Europe in many events, and were constantly being asked for parts & spares --so we realized there was a market for trials in our area.

 We dreamed up a name "Lewisport" and started a business with a few oils, parts and a couple of tires. It soon grew, and we became the largest dealership in Scotland with two outlets including one in Fort William and another near Edinburgh. Lewisport in Scotland sold all brands of trials bikes, spares, and accessories, and also dealt in quads, road bikes, and enduros.


As we grew we also sponsored the Adult Scottish Champion, Gavin Johnson, Scottish Schoolboy competitors Gary MacDonald , Roger Mount and Alan Marks from Ireland for several years.


"Trials is our Passion", We've always been interested in promoting the sport of motorcycle trials and have attended dozens of  promotional events, and have given schools,  talks to schools and youth clubs whilst also bringing many world round level riders to the US for training schools.


In December 1998 we were given the go ahead to emigrate to America on another business venture and  by March 1999 we had sold Lewisport in the UK , and our  house and its contents, and left Scotland with three suit cases and a small crate of personal belongings bound for the USA!


Trials had become a way of life for us and after being in the USA (New Mexico) for nearly a year, we were asked by several importers too start again here in the usa,  we started "LewisportUSA" in New Mexico where we were dealers for Montesa and Scorpa trials bikes. We bought & sold any make of bike and had a full range of spares and accessories, including many special-made items . We also performed service and repair on any make of bike. While in New Mexico, we became the original importer for the Jitsie line of trials parts in the US.

In the spring of 2003, a number of things fell together for us, and we pulled up stakes and moved to the Northern California foothills,  southeast of Sacramento.   Here we not only continue to provide all the services for which we were known in New Mexico, but have been expanding, and now deal  many other  brands and also have become the importer for the Vertigo trials brand of motorcycle and MOTS clothing brand into the USA. 

The story continues!