Some COOL Videos for your viewing!

Hugo Dufrese-- Cool practice video

Dougie introduces the Vertigo team 2020

Jack price rides vertigo for 2020

 The AWSOME Dougie Lampkin replica for 2019/20--this very  special Fuel injected 2 stoke boasts the TOP technology and Bluetooth tuning capability.  

 SANTIGOSA 3 day with Dougie lampkin


First 2 stroke trials bike with this unique hi tech simple to use programming system.

This GET system is plug and play, enabling you to check /set TPS (throttle position sensor) adjust mapping with advancement or retard of ignition and increase and decrease in fuel enabling you to tune the bike exactly to your own need. 

VERTIGO MOTORS-- a factory and bike become reality!

Vertigo test day-- john lee motorcycles --UK

Day 2 --3 day Santigosa